When it comes to luxury watch repairs, it may be worth investing the time and money to get your watch serviced.

A high-end watch is a valuable investment and should be taken care of with regular maintenance to ensure its longevity if you want to re-sell it later down the line or pass it down to future generations.

Luxury watch repairs can involve a variety of services, including watch cleaning, oiling, movement restoration, and polishing.

Many watchmakers/pawnbrokers offer a warranty for the services they provide, and this can provide peace of mind just in case you’re a bit cautious over handing over your favourite Rolex or Audemars Piguet.

Additionally, a properly serviced watch will be more accurate when telling the time, and the repairs can also improve its aesthetic appearance and minimise/remove some of the more obvious scratches that have built up through years of daily use.

All in all, it may be worth having your luxury watch repaired. This really depends on your personal taste and wants. If you prefer a more ‘weathered’ and ‘used’ look, or if your watch is more of a vintage timepiece, you might want to keep it in its original condition depending on what you plan on doing with it.


If you’re looking to re-sell your watch, take a look at the market or speak to an authorised watch dealer to get some professional advice on what actions may be best to take.


With some more vintage watches, repairing a watch may de-value the timepiece in some rare cases, whereas other buyers on the second-hand market don’t like the ‘polished’ and ‘like-new’ look that a professional servicing leaves you with.

For a lot of other buyers or those looking to sell to their customers, a polished and fully serviced watch is more appealing to a wider market of buyers and may add some value to your watch considering that they won’t have to pay the money of repairing it themselves.

Some repairs are completely necessary if you want a fully operational watch, e.g. if your watch movement is constantly inaccurate and not keeping a good time for longer than 10 minutes, having your watch professionally serviced can help to get your luxury watch back up and firing again.


For more information on luxury watch repairs and servicing, you can call the EJ Markham & Son team on  01206 572 646  or take a look at our  FAQ  page on our website.



This service includes all the necessary repairs, maintenance, and overhauling of your timepiece. This service is ideal for luxury watches that have been in use for a long time, or those that have been exposed to the elements and need extra care. We also provide a detailed breakdown of the overall condition of the watch and recommendations on any necessary repairs or replacements.

Our full service plan includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of the watch movements and parts, lubrication of all the components, accuracy checks and adjustments, and a complete overhaul of the movement as well as recommending which replacement parts need to be sourced.

Our luxury watch repairs are performed by experienced technicians with the highest quality standards, to ensure your watch is in near-perfect working condition or to be restored to working order and ready to be enjoyed for years to come.


Glass replacements can fix scratches and cracks, as well as replace broken glass on a watch. These services can also help to restore clarity and visibility to scratched glass, so that the watch retains its original luster.

It can also help protect against further damage and lengthen the life of the watch. Additionally, glass repair can help to keep the watch water-resistant, which can be handy if you’re taking a dive-watch on holiday with you and don’t want to worry about causing more damage by getting it wet in the pool.


At EJ Markham & Son, we will replace the watch battery with a new one of the same type and size, and perform a full diagnostic test to ensure that the watch is running properly and the new watch battery isn’t defective. We will also replace the seals to ensure that the watch is water resistant as part of our watch servicing.


Bezel repair is one of the most common luxury watch repairs.

The bezel is the outer ring of the watch that encircles the face and holds the crystal in place. Bezels can become cracked or scratched over time and need to be replaced in order to maintain the watch’s appearance & weather-sealing with the addition of new seals.

If replacement parts need to be sourced, we will let you know before the work or replacing the bezel begins.



When your watch is received by us, our team will conduct a thorough examination in store and let you know the repairs that need to be carried out and if there’s anything that you may have missed.


Once the damages have been highlighted by our team and we have agreed upon the work that needs to be done, we will give you our estimated costs for the repair.


When the price has been agreed for the work that needs to be done, we will start repairing your luxury watch on the same day and let you know when the work has been completed.


Do You Offer Finance?

Not at the moment. However, we do offer a layaway scheme with a 20% deposit.

Are You An Authorised Dealer?

No, we stock quality pre-owned watches and jewellery, part exchange is welcomed.

Are Your Watches Serviced?

All watches which are taken into stock are carefully examined and are serviced if required. All watches come with 1 year guarantee (6 months on vintage watches)

Are the Watches Online Your Actual Watches?

Yes! All photos are of the actual watches held in stock.

How often should you get your Rolex serviced?

It is recommended to service your Rolex approximately every 10 years depending on the model and real-life usage.